Lost: What is My/Your Talent?
How did you find me?

I honesly dont kno, u kinda appeared somewhere on my tumblr and yup. The end.


Aw man can i chose neither?lol. Bc dinosaurs are mean and robots can turn against you…so yea. Neither.

Talentless or Talent lost?

Have you ever asked yourself or has anybody asked you, what can you do? Whats so special or makes you different from anyone else? I think everybody does.

So my little brother is practically great at everything cooking,athletic,music, and band, Not to mention he’s a very bright kid with a mind and independence of his own. My little baby brother is freakishly!!!!great at figuring out games and cheat codes and shit, now if he would apply that to something useful he’ll have a very bright future. Me on the other hand the oldest of the three and middle of the five, wonders and thinks about what she can do?
Everytime I watch a movie I pick out my favorite character and wish wish wish I can play or be him/her. And when I voom into a book Im reading I AM! the character…Or my own, ofcourse;). But I try all these things to see what Im good at, is my heart really set on it? Am I really into it? I tried everything but yet no fire or spark comes from it…hmm.
Some people would say the only good thing I can do is make pretty babies, yea I have two most beautiful daughters in the world, and of course I pride myself in them. And Im proud of myself and my vagina to bear such. Lol! I know gross. But to summon this all up, I’ve come to the conclusion that I guess it takes alot harder and alot longer for people to burn for what they want or to find whats really in them that can make a huge difference in the world, or what makes them come alive.

So if I answered that question…Im to proud to say I aint good at shit in this world, hell I got A’s in baby-making. But for now, i’d go with Talent lost :]